An opulent home only deserves a grand dining area, and this is exactly what we achieved, much to the client’s satisfaction.

Because the property follows a classical and traditional design, mostly based on wood, we needed to create an elegant banquet area that covered a huge space. We managed to build a large indoor banquet, decked out with furniture pieces from Giorgetti and The Luxury Collection, two of our most sophisticated brands that never fail to work in a space where class and elegance are in demand. Wooden flooring from Gazzotti set the theme for the new refurbishment project.

We custom designed a dining table that can comfortably seat 24 people, and provided dining chairs that closely matched with the table’s design. To keep the walls from looking empty and boring, we custom built joinery and cabinets that have enough storage space, but do not occupy a huge amount of floor space. A Swarovski chandelier provided the lighting that made the room even more regal. In support of the chandelier are wall lamps set in strategic areas.

We also worked on other areas of the property – bathrooms, bedrooms and the outdoor space. Tiles in the toilet and bath were replaced with marble, and the cabinets with units from Idea. Old beds were also replaced with those from B&B Letti. Working with landscape architects, we rendered outdoor landscaping and added outdoor furniture pieces from Unopiu, one of the few items in our collection that will look great indoors and outdoors.