Luxurious accessories for your modern Bathroom displayed now at fci London

Your bathrooms is a place where you shouldn’t do anything else but relax. It can even be considered your sanctuary, because it is the only place where you can be alone with your thoughts. fci London knows how hard it is to find the perfect accessories for this room, since you want to make it as modern and private as you can. Now, we have selected the best Bathroom items created by the most creative designers because we aim to present high quality products for the most refined tastes.

Our shop is constantly looking to satisfy every need and to discover new, mind-blowing combinations of interior decorating styles. Having this in mind, we have come to work with famous brands that create exquisite bathroom cupboards, towel stands, shower cabinets, Jacuzzis, bathtubs, sinks and many more. They are made of luxurious combinations of materials and bring an elegant and exclusive note in every bathroom. We have items made from porcelain, lacquered wood, glass, gold leaf and other contemporary finishes. They can be used in every modern surrounding.

At fci London you can find for example the Cubik Modern Bathroom created by Idea Group, an original bathroom design which speaks the fundamental language of architecture, naturally inserting itself in any environment, harmonising with the most diverse lifestyles, and accenting highly original design solutions. The main guidleines for this luxurious combination is the original use of space, the simplicity which leads to liberation, the versatility which lets a dream take shape, the search for the clear expression of every detail. Another refined combination of bathroom items from the same brand is Deko Modern Bathroom, a design that can be both functional and decorative. Deko blends sophisticated materials and elegant lines to create bathroom furniture filled with personality.

You can convince yourselves that our offer is the best on the market if you see it just once. All you ever wanted for your bathroom is in one place – fci London!