“A basement that has everything” is how the client described this very challenging project in St Johns Wood, London. He wanted it to be a place where the entire family can converge and stay in for as long as possible without the need to go upstairs.

Our design team came up with our own description for the project – a home in the basement. This led to the creation of a sub-basement, complete with a games area, small kitchen and dining, and toilet and bath.

We started with developing the living and games areas and used them as anchor to everything else. Because the basement was quite cold, even in summer, we first installed underfloor heating, covered it with wooden flooring from Gazzotti, and then placed plush rug on top. An electric fireplace added more warmth.

The placement of the TV and other multi-media devices followed next. Considering the space available, we opted to use a one-wall storage area for nearly everything – media center, bookcase, cabinets, and the fireplace. We then hooked up all electronics, including the lighting fixtures to a state-of-the-art lighting& AV control. To give the ceiling height, we installed ceiling-mounted LED bulbs instead of a chandelier.

The small kitchen and dining area followed next. To maximise space, both the kitchen and dining space are found in one place and without partition. The half bath, which is all the space allowed, we built near the basement’s door.
The client chose pieces from Naustro, Bonaldo, Presotto, Flos and B&B Letti.