Visit fci London and choose one of our modern stools

We can say without being modest that you have never seen stools like ours! fci London presents exclusive and versatile collections of stools created for refined places. You might be wondering how to choose a good stool, for what it serves exactly…We can give you some tips on how a perfect stool fits in every space, how and where to use it, but the best thing is to see it and feel it for yourself. So, choose a stool or more from the collections presented here and enjoy the feeling of unique seating pieces.

We offer you products with many qualities: the best balance between quality and price, exclusive design, unique and luxurious materials and futuristic approach towards the classical idea of a stool. The products we sell offer durability and contemporary notes in your home decors, allowing our customers to use the furniture items for as long and as many times as possible. Our pieces can be used indoor and outdoor for amazing effect.

We carry a wide range of brands, featuring different designs, materials and finishes. Consisting materials are also very modern and in a wide range of colors. You can choose from leather or refined fabric covers and a variety of materials and finishes – wood, metal, plastic, polyester. They are available in different colors and designs, elegant or simple, for outdoor or indoor use, but all of them respect your need for comfort and support.

One exclusive example of a modern stool for outdoor use Adan made by Vondom. It’s made of polyethylene through rotational moulding. Along with the chiselled, diamond-cut pattern, it looks more than an art installation instead of a regular stool. Combined with a dining table that can also serve as a seating option, you can create an interesting outdoor landscape.

Do not forget that there are more interesting and beautiful pieces where that came from, so visit us and choose your favorite!