Comfortable. Beautiful. Plush. Upholstered.

What do you want from a sofa?

Comfortable sofas are good.

Luxury sofas are better.

Quality sofas are best.


Because they have all three attributes that make a sofa a quality sofa: they are a joy to sit down on, they are a delight to add in your home and they are a worthy investment.

Sofas these days come in a wide variety of materials, designs and colours. Choosing the best sofas for your home is no longer an easy decision to make.

Our range of beautiful sofas – sofa chairs, corner sofas, large sofas and custom made sofas are not meant to make a once-easy decision complicated, only to widen your options, remove restrictions and open your mind to traditional and contemporary sofas that can make a world of difference in your interior design.

We sell nice sofas made of leather, fabric, wood, steel, and finished with lacquer and other materials. Italian sofas are elaborate and regal in style. Modern sofas are minimal in style, but rich in feature. Take a good look at the arms, back and legs and you will know if a sofa is traditional or contemporary.

We understand that there are many things to consider when selecting a sofa. With our expertise and eye for detail, we can help you choose the right one. And the right one is a furniture piece that will serve as an anchor and statement piece in your home.

More than anything, it should be a reflection of your style choices, habits, lifestyle and budget. We want you to look at your sofa and feel proud of your decision.

We want your sofa to be one of the reasons that you want to come home, take a seat and spend some me time, share quality time with friends and family, or cuddle up on it with a loved one.

The best sofas should be all these and more.

Once you have picked the right furniture piece, we can create the most optimal seating arrangement that works best with the space available, and still leave plenty of room for you to move around. Big or small, we can make it work.

When the sofas you have picked have been installed, your home can even rival our own showroom!