New and comfortable sofa beds displayed now at fci London

It’s very hard to choose a perfect sofa bed. You have to consider many aspects, but the most important is comfort. Now, fci London enlarges its’ range of contemporary furniture collection with these new sofa beds. We are constantly trying to reach every need of our customers, so we thought about offering you a large scale of luxurious sofa beds in the same place.

Sofa beds are very important, because they have to be in every space you spend your life; they can contribute to spending relaxing and pleasant activities in the privacy of your own living room, Office or even outside in warm, sunny days. The best way to choose a perfect sofa bed is to try it and feel it; you can do that by visiting our shop. We are sure that you can find the right piece for you in all our luxurious collections.

Our offer is centered on quaity and good price, as well as durability and exclusive materials. Also, some of our products are inovative and bring the touch of elegance and originality into every space. We host a wide range of sofa bed brands made with good taste and care for details. Materials and finishes are also very modern: wood, metal, polished metal frames and seats covered with leather, eco leather or other refined materials.

One example is Pierrot King Sofa bed created by Bonaldo, a famous Italian designer. This item’s upholstery is in leather or (eco-leather), the base is made of metal and is available in four finishes: chromed or painted in anthracite grey, silver or dove grey. Also available in the Pierrot, Pierrot King Cow, Pierrot King Dormeuse and Pierrot King Cow Dormeuse versions. Other remarcable pieces are Tui, Vigo, Vilagarcia and many more.

You can enjoy their functionality in many places, for many of your daily activities, so choose your favourite from our range and make the most of it.