Modern benches on sale now at fci London

At fci London, we try to reach every need and create contemporary furniture pieces that can satisfy every taste. Benches are an important category of seating pieces that make a difference in every interior or exterior space. If you have been looking for a perfect bench to suit your decorating style, now is the perfect time to choose it. We can give you some tips on how to buy a perfect bench, how and where to use it, but the best thing is to see it and feel it for yourself. So, choose a bench or more from the collections presented here and enjoy the feeling of luxurious seating pieces.

The benches available at fci London can be used indoor and outdoor, in every contemporary decor. They bring an innovative touch into every space, but are also practical and easy adaptable, so you can think about many ways of reinvigorating your home or garden environment. We carry a wide range of brands, featuring different designs, materials and finishes. We sell contemporary benches, for indoor and outdoor use. Some of them are created with the Italian refinement and good taste, so you will love the way they help you relax and enjoy your free time. Consisting materials are also very modern and in a wide range of colors. You can choose from leather or refined fabric covers and a variety of materials and finishes – wood, metal, plastic, lacquered or simple.

One of our favorite brands is BD Barcelona. It creates luxurious and comfortable benches for indoor and outdoor use. The interior benches are made from a cast aluminium structure with laminates made from extruded aluminium painted in Axalta Anodic Black. Seat and back rest are upholstered in BD’s different materials and leathers. The exterior version has the same structure made of cast and extruded aluminium painted in powder-coated white, green or grey with Alesta by Axalta. It comes with a removable upholstery and removable cushion covers, waterproof and perspirable fabric.

Check our offer and you are sure that you can fiind something that you like!