fci London presents new ways of reinvigorating your Office’s look with our new wallpapers

Are you tired of the same old look and color from your Office? Do you need a new and inspiring note in your working place? If the answer to these questions is yes, you should really have a look at our wallpapers collection. We have all you could think of in one place: colorful, joyful, following classical or sober lines, easy to adapt and match with furniture and the whole room’s design.

The wallpapers presented at fci London come from famous brands like Omexco, Arte, Eijffinger, Romo and others. They come in neutral colors or multicolored, according to your furniture and other details, can bring a simple, classical or sophisticated note to every room, including Office. The luxurious and modern finishes take you in Wonderland, a place where everything is possible and imagination runs wild. Obviously, you will be more creative and efficient at work if you surround your Office with one of our wallpapers.

Here are some good examples: The Allure collection by Omexco seduces at first sight by its’ charm and elegant refinement. The designs is classic, but the color scheme and the oversize of some patterns confer a surprisingly contemporary look to the textile wallcoverings. It has Oriental details in shades of cream, beige, amber, anthracite, dark olive, scarlet, nutmeg, frosty white, mauve, bronze, pearl, even gold and silver.

The Avery wallpaper by Romo turns your Office into a garden full of flowers thanks to the playful and stylized multicolored floral print.

The Black Light collection by Eijffinger presents many ways of transforming your room’s note into a classical, elegant or contemporary one. It uses the always on top elegance and versatility of black and many possible options to choose from.

We know that you will love our collection of wallpapers, so just have a look at it and you will find something that you can use in your modern Office.