fci London presents new flooring modalities for contemporary rooms

Everything in your Office has to be impeccable, from the ceiling to the floor. We use the floor in every moment of the day, so it has to be resistant, durable and in trends, if we want to leave a good impression. Sometimes is hard to know which floor is the one you should buy, because there are many offers out there, but don’t worry, fci London can help you make the best decision!

We have selected only quality products, extra-resistant, practical and easy adaptable. Gazzotti is one reliable brand when it comes to floors, since it releases modern products with luxurious finishes. If you are looking for a wood flooring that is guaranteed clean, safe and healthy the Extra-resistant Wood Flooring from Gazzotti boasts of a scientifically certified finish that destroys 99.9% of bacterial strains after 24 hours. This provides children, pets and the entire family a healthy and safe environment. Available in a wide range of formats and colors, you have the option to personalize your flooring, and make it to adapt to the setting and environment of your choice, whether it is traditional or modern.

Vintage inspiration design can be seen even on floorings. The Vintage variant is one wood flooring that reinterprets our way of understanding and experiencing what a beautiful home would look and feel underfoot. The wood has a scientifically tested, microporous finish that resulted from years of extensive research. The line of vintage wood flooring offers a wide range of formats and a thickness in two types.

Let’s not forget about the latest trends because Gazzotti has also released new fashion floors, made of hard wood with luxurious and modern finishes, suitable for contemporary spaces. All these and more help you reinvigorate your working place and create the perfect atmosphere, so that you could make your Office a welcoming and cozy one.