Discover new desks that you can use to create a modern Office

Your job is the place where you spend a big part of the day, so it’s natural to want your Office as welcoming and cozy as it can be. You can do that by choosing the best and most modern furniture on the market that helps you create a familiar environment. The desk is the center piece from the Office, an item that has to be practical, easy adaptable, comfortable and inspiring. If you are having a hard time while choosing a desk, fci London can give a helping hand. For us, furniture has no secret, because we have desks for every Office: contemporary, modern, classical, youthful, playful or following any other dominant characteristic your working place might have.

At fci London we value all our customers, so we have selected only the best desks made by appreciated brands that work with creative and open-minded designers. Our products follow the highest quality and durability standards, so all you have to do is to choose from the large scale of available options.

We have desks from brands like Cattelan Italia and Tonelli Design, made of glass, wood, lacquered, available in neutral color tones or with luxurious finishes. They can be placed into contemporary Offices or even used at home, for work or other activities.

Cattelan Italia loves classical design, so now it reinterprets this style and creates elegant desks made of wood. The Davinci desk, for example, it’s a study of Italian craftsmanship that takes its inspiration from the classic timber desk. It’s crafted from wood with a Canaletto walnut finish, while the arched panel is made of grey metal or grey lacquered wood. These details make it stylish and easy adaptable.

Tonelli Design, on the other hand, deeply apreciates transparency, so it released some amazing glass desks. Strata is one good looking glass desks that can be used anywhere and for many activities.

Have a look at our pieces and if you like something, drop in for a short visit in the showroom! We know that you can find the desk of your dreams!