Reinvigorate your living room with the rugs presented by fci London

Rugs are very important for your living room. They can bring color and style into every interior and help you personalize every corner. When you choose a rug, you have to pay attention to all the details, since you intend to mix it with the rest of your accessories, so we know that it can be hard to find a good one. Don’t worry, fci London comes to the rescue! We can give some good suggestions, so will have the opportunity to choose only from the best.

If you have looked up at least one of our rugs, you noticed that they reach the highest quality standards and can satisfy even the most refined tastes. Here you can find modern rugs, classical or with innovative details and finishes. They are available in all colors, sizes and shapes, made of refined or classical fabrics, extra-soft, gentle or hard, made of wool or other materials. They come from brands like Carve, Sit Rugs, Driade, Calligaris and more. They can be original or inspired from the world’s culture, hold a balance between quality and a good price, are versatile and easy adaptable to every contemporary interior.

One collection worth mentioning is Altea by Sit Rugs. Each piece is handwoven and made with neutral colors that can adapt to every interior or furniture. Each carpet is unique and brings a distinguishing note in every living room, because you have a large scale of variants to choose from: Olive, Rust, Taupe, Turquoise and Granito.

Another contemporary collection released by the same Sit Rugs is Antigua. The accessories from this collection are refined and elegant, suitable for a luxurious living room. They are flatwoven and come in many neutral tones mixes, so they adapt easily to every living room decor. You can choose from red, blue, green and earth variation tones available in different sizes, acording to your space and needs.

Visit fci London! Here you will find a large scale of rugs for all tastes and new friends that can help you make the right decision.