Reflect your luxurious living room in a new mirror from the fci London collection

Mirrors can create an amazing effect in every room where they are used. Women are very attached to mirrors, so they need to have one for each room. A special effect is given by a mirror to the living room, because it can enlight this space in the right colors, the ones that you choose. If you have seen many accessories of this kind, but nothing seemed to suit your tastes and interior, it means that you haven’t seen our collection yet! Fci London has selected the most luxurious and elegant mirrors created by the most appreciated brands on the market.

We have products from Reflections, Christopher Guy, Porada, Mogg and others, quality and durable products created with good taste, made after an original idea or following classical designs. They are practical, easy to adapt and their shine will reflect your living room’s elegance for a long time.

We know that among the most appreciated living room mirrors, one is definetly worth mentioning. Admiral Free Standing Mirror by Fiam Italia has distinguishing characteristics and admirable qualities. It’s not only practical, but also with decorative purpose. The wooden frame and modern finishes make it suitable for every contemporary interior. Giorgio Collection presents one of its’ latest releases – Absolute Mirror.

This floor accessory is made in moka japaneese in high gloss polyester finish, while the finishing details are in chrome or stainless steel.

A distinctive wall mirror with an eyecatching design featuring hand-carved details on the frame is Alyssandra Mirror by Christopher Guy. The unusual design makes it suitable for a modern living room. It can be used even in a restaurant or hotel lobby.

These are only few examples, but just come in the showroom for a visit and you will see that our products are the right thing for your home.