fci London presents its’ collection of modern and luxurious pendants for all tastes

Pendant lights envale your room with a difused light suitable for relaxing evenings or romantic dinners, so you really should buy one if you preffer an intimate atmosphere in your bedroom, living room, dining room or Office. It’s a hard mission to look for a pendant or more, because on the market you ca find a large range of such lightning pieces and you are not sure which one better suits your decorating style. At fci London we have some amazing pendants, all of them created by well-known brands that can make a difference in every room. We know that all of them will blow your mind if you see them, so our experts are always ready to help you make up your mind and put all your ideas into practice.

Our pendants are contemporary, elegant, luxurious, but at the same time easy-adaptable and combining quality, durability and good taste. They are made of ressistant materials, with luxurious finishes, so unlimited solutions for every taste. Brands like Tom Dixon, Schonbek, Swarovski, Zoffany Collection, Smania, Foscarini and others have released amazing, versatile and exquisite pendants for all tastes. They can be used at home, Office, in clubs, restaurants, hotel lobbies, bars and more.

Tom Dixon is famous for the contemporary, inovative and elegant lightning pieces it releases. The Ball Pendant by this brand is a very modern lightning source designed in London. It is very appreciated by people who have inovative pieces of furniture. It measures 1.2 m in width, is made out of 12 black powder coated aluminium panels punched, folded and assembled into a ball shape. The light comes from a 50 cm opal shade suspended at the center.

When it comes to luxurious pendants, Swarovski is very appreciated, since it creates mind-blowing pieces. Casino Royal is one of the most luxurious pendants ever. It’s designed especially for exquisit tastes and glamorous places. Carefully assembled with Swarovski crystals and small LEDs, it create a versatile and glamorous light.

These are only few examples, but we have many more to offer, so feast your eyes and imagine how they would look in your house or Office!