Are you tired of seeing the same old worktop in your kitchen? We have something new to show you!

The worktop is an important part of the kitchen ensemble. A good worktop has to be practical, easy adaptable, made of versatile materials…so choosing a durable and quality one can be a hard call. Don’t worry, fci London is here to help you! We have been searching in all the famous brands collections of kitchen accessories and have discovered the latest trends when it comes to worktops.

Pieces made of wood, stainless steel, stone, lacquered, stable or that can be moved according to your activity and need for space feast your eyes if you visit our showroom or website. You just have to look at them carefully, feel them and let your imagination run wild!

Among the favorite pieces from the worktop range, we name Axis by Opinion Ciatti, a modern reinterpretation of classical worktops. Axis is based on an elementary concept: to decompose the main elements of kitchen functionality into independent elements that can be reunited in flexible structures according to use. The bridge structure is made in stainless steel, satin or lacquered white mate. It comes with different utilities and accessories like a hanging base unit, drawers or oven unit made in the same stainless steel.

This ensures durability, stability and resistance. The worktop is available in polished stainless steel, Statuario marble, Carrara marble and in neutral colors like glacier white Corian or walnut. These options make it easy-adaptable and ready to be integrated in contemporary ensembles.

Another favorite worktop unit is Argento Vivo by GeD Arredamenti SRL. This creation bears the Italian signature of the talented and awarded designer Roberto Pezzetta. Argento Vivo contrast linearity with soft forms and the design is sculpted by the exceptional chemical and physical properties of materials. The worktop is made in black aluminium that amazingly contrasts with the other colors from the ensemble.

These are only few examples, but you can figure out what’s best for you if you visit us. You can always count on our help!