Need ideas on how to design your kitchen décor? fci London can help you create an amazing environment!

Design is everything when it comes to home decorations, furniture and accessories. Although we pay more attention to our living room, bedroom, dining room, we should give importance to the kitchen as well. If you are wondering how to match your favorite pieces and create the perfect décor, we can give you some good ideas! Just have a look at our selection of kitchen design and installation examples and get inspired!

fci London woks only with the best brands on the market and it’s constantly trying to offer you multiple solutions and many options, so that you can find all you need in one place. Our ideas include modern furniture pieces and accessories, suitable for being placed into contemporary kitchens. We and our partners put quality and durability first, so we have combined exclusive pieces with luxurious finishes and created exquisite ensembles that will make your daily activities in the kitchen more pleasant and joyful.

We work with brands like Bontempi, Cadoro, EmmeBi, GeD Arredamenti SRL, but we also have our own line of kitchen ensembles. One relevant example is Alice by fci Kitchens. This modern design reinvigorates your kitchen with a youthful, flexible style. Colors and finishes draw attention by their natural style, while function and shape remain perfect and easy to adapt. Alice’s flat, 22 mm thick MDF doors have high-quality Japanese thermoset polymer laminate finishes. 30 colour options are available, including glossy hues, matt tones and decorative wood designs. A glass cabinet is also available for this model. It has an aluminium frame and is made of semi-transparent screen-printed glass with black or white lacquering.

Opera kitchen by Bontempi is refined, unique, with classical forms and modern materials. A journey back in time to revive the simple, little everyday gestures that are done in the kitchen. The raised panel door, with frame and panel in brushed, lacquered open-pore oak-wood is a reminder of the sturdiness of wood and the sometimes forgotten architectural values.