Looking for new ways of tidying your things? Check our wall shelves offer!

Wall shelves are a neccessary accessory, at home or Office. Even if you are an organized person, you can find some day that you lack space for your most important documents or things that you really care about. What options do you have, if this happens? One terryific idea would be to use a wall shelf. At fci London we give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of wall shelves that come in different sizes, materials and follow modern or classical designs.

Our shop has been looking for the best solutions for every contemporary interior, quality and resistant wall shelves created by famous brands and talented designers. They are made of wood, glass, polypropylene, metal and combinations of this materials, so they can transform classical interiors into modern ones and are also responsible of changing your hallway’s appearance.

One relevant example is the practical and elegant Elysee Shelving System. Next to being usefull, it’s also a decorative accesory that helps you save space and tidy your room or Office. Stacking and adjoining, it’s made of maple plywood, so safe, versatile and easy adaptable, therefore a must-have in every house. Choose it and you will love it!

We also have the perfect solution for every space: the Inbox Square Wall Unit by Caligaris. Regardless of how small your house is, you can have more room by mounting cabinets on wall, effectively using whatever space is available. This storage unit has a wooden frame and handle-less drawer, which makes it ideal for a minimalist interior design.

Another modern and mind-blowing wall shelf is Lineas 117 Shelf by Porada. Basic in design, it celebrates the beauty of rectangles and squares as shown in its solid Canaletta walnut frame completed with two drawers. Mounted on the wall with no visible braces, it appears as though it is floating on air.

These are only few examples, but there are so many available options and all of them are beautiful and unique, so you don’t know which one to choose and that it’s best for you. Luckily, we are always here to help you!