Amazing rugs feast your eyes at fci London

Rugs welcome your guests in the hallway, so they are, without a doubt, an important accessory. Considering the fact that they can bring color and innovation into a classical décor, you should be very careful when you choose one. We know that it can be very difficult to find the perfect rug, but our staff is here to help you! We have made a rigorous selection and have developed collaboration with the best brands on the market, so now we can present only the high quality products.

The rugs available at fci London reach the highest standards and can satisfy even the most refined tastes, because we have it all! Here you can find modern rugs, classical or with innovative details and finishes.

They are available in all colors, sizes and shapes, made of refined or classical fabrics, extra-soft, gentle or hard, made of wool or other materials. We give special attention to offering the best balance between price and quality, as well as durable, functional and easy adaptable rugs. They come from brands like Carve, Sit Rugs, Driade, Calligaris and more. They can be original or inspired from the world’s culture.

One attention-drawing collection is Antalya by Sit Rugs. Each piece is handknotted and made by assembling pieces of old repainted turquish carpets. However, each carpet is unique and makes a difference in every hallway, thanks to the multi-coloured and optimistic note it brings.

A modern and luxurious touch is brought by Carre Carpet from Smania. This items is unique, made of leather with leather details, so perfect for elegant hallways. It’s available in different sizes, according to your space and needs.

These are only few examples, but there are many more available options. Just come for a short visit and you will want to return. If you are not sure what to choose, we can help you, so consider us your friends!