Luxurious new reflections for your hallway available now at fci London

Mirrors are the world’s best and most useful creations, if you ask a woman. Anyone with aesthetic sense will say that they are a necessary accessory also, especially in the hallway. We know that choosing any furniture piece one can be a difficult mission, but it becomes harder when it comes to mirrors…You start wondering how to place it into your décor and what other objects and furniture go with it. At fci London, we can help you make the best decision, because we have mirrors from different collections, created by famous brands and designers who put quality, good taste, versatility and durability first.

Our mirrors are available in all shapes and sizes, made with extremely good taste from refined materials, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, in spaces like home, Office, clubs, restaurants, hotel rooms or lobbies. Every piece combines classical design with modern elements and luxurious finishes. We have selected the best and most interesting pieces in order to give you the opportunity to choose wisely and considering your own style and personality.

We work with brands like Reflections, Mogg, Magis, Tonin Casa, Christopher Guy, Naustro Italia and more. One piece that is worth mentioning is Athena Mirror by Naustro Essence collection. It’s elegant appearance is ideal for any elegant decor and it will become your favorite in no time. Constructed in a jumbo range of textures and materials, it’s easy adaptable design allows you to place it in any space, no matter how difficult it is. We can help you decide upon the perfect measure and size for your space.

If there is a mirror that deserves a central place on your wall, this is the Arena Wall Mirror by Reflections. The framework is decorated with a silver finish and a brown patina. Due to the shape of the mirror and the colour of the frame, this mirror will fit best in a classical or timeless interior.