Need a new sideboard? Check our modern offer and choose your favorite

We know that every person needs a good sideboard in the dining room, a practical and easy to adapt piece that can help us keep all the necessary accessories in one place, close to us. Nowadays, looks and functionality are important criterias for choosing any furniture piece, but for a sideboard that will be used in the dining room these characteristics are even more important.

fci London is constantly trying to provide the best solutions for every home environment, so now it brings you the finest and most elegant sideboards on the market. Made in different sizes, with classical or modern design, our sideboards bring the sophisticated note you ever wanted. They can be made of wood, lacquered wood, glass, with gass shelves or doors and come in neutral colors. No detail is left behind by designers from Draenert, Mogg, GT Imbottiti, Cattelan Italia and others.

Cattelan Italia is famous for it’s luxurious furniture pieces and sideboards from this brand are no exception. Hilton Side Board is a picture of squares and linear patterns that makes the most of a typical design to create a stunning piece of furnishing that can hold valuable items meant to be displayed for the world to see. It features a wooden frame with door profiles in lacquered matte white, graphite or Canaletto walnut. Doors and internal shelves are made of extra clear glass for that timeless appeal. With an architecture that makes a bold statement, the Hilton side board is a masterpiece that will add a decorative and functional element in your home. Optional, it can come with an internal LED light kit for you to enlight the valuable pieces you care about.

Visit our shop and you will have the chance to see that every piece of modern furniture is made with care and refinement, so that you can choose the one you consider to be perfect!