New amazing mirrors available at fci London

A mirror can bring an inovative and modern note into every space, but it gives elegance and dazzling effect to the dining room. Mirrors can make a difference into the dining room, but let’s not forget the importance of such accessory for ladies – they need a mirror everywhere! Taking this into consideration, fci London has a solution for everybody. Just have a look at our mirror collection, an amazing range of accessories made by famous brands with extremely good taste and refinement.

In our shop you can find brands like Reflections, Christopher Guy, Porada, Mogg and others. Their creations are inovative or with classical design, made of fine materials, with decorative and practical effect. Their long-lasting beauty and shine will reinvigorate your dining room’s aspect.

One exquisite mirror is Belly Dance Wall Mirror by Tonelli Design. This reminiscent of a huge knitwork is made of small mirrors on a metal support, creating an attractive and reflective surface. The assembly is large enough to be used as a room divider, the same way a curtain made of beads would. Available in different dimensions, it can occupy a significant amount of wall space for added decorative appeal in your home interior.

Another luxurious range of mirrors is the Anna collection from Reflections. The Anna mirror is available in gold and in silver metal leaf finish, but now the creator has reinvented the pieces in shades going from grey to beige, as a response to actual trends. The design and modern finishes makes the pieces from the collection suitable for the present trendy interiors using a similar colour scheme.

You can also check the Baccarat Mirror by Christopher Guy, a fanned deck of cards intricately hand-carved into a circular blondewood mirror frame. You will love the way it can fit every dining room or fancy restaurant.

Check all our offer and we are sure that you can find something to suit your taste!