Check the latest trends of bar trolleys at fci London

Bar trolleys are a must-have in every modern house, club, restaurant, hotel and other spaces. Practical and trendy, your certainly need one if you are the type of person who likes to be surrounded by friends and have a few quiet drinks. We think that our products are suitable for all tastes, so you can find something that you like for sure.

The products selected by us are elegant and trendy, but practical and easy to adapt to any contemporary interior decor. They are created by famous designers and made of fine materials, so the result is luxurious bar trolleys suitable for all your needs. We have larger, higher trolleys with classical shape and finishes, pieces with more robust styling or elegant features.

Our range of bar trollyes comes from famous brands like Tonelli Design, Cattelan Italia, Porada and many more. A good example is Kart Bar Trolley created by Tonelli Design, a home accessory designed to leave a lasting impression. This amazing bar trolley is fitted with big glass wheels, representing the design’s iconic elements. Made entirely of glass, with the container less transparent than the rest, it gives you a glimpse of the items placed inside it. Kart will make a fine addition into your home. Another exquisite piece from the bar trolley collection is the Oscar trolley by Porada. This item is a fine example of how classic and modern can combine seamlessly to create a stunning masterpiece. Made of chromed metal frame and shelves in Canaletta walnut, it effortlessly brings together elements from two different styles. Affixed with wheels, it is a practical unit that you can conveniently wheel around your house. You can use this trolley to serve food and drinks easy and with style.

Choose one of our bar trolleys and your cocktail parties or meeting with friends will be carried out in a more practical and fun way!