New and modern reflections available at fci London

A mirror on the wall is something that every bedroom has. We are sure that there cannot be a room without a mirror nowadays. But how about discovering new ways of using mirrors? Just let your imagination run free and think about a wardrobe with mirrors, a multifunctional and practical photo frame with mirrors or maybe a versatile big fan made of pieces of mirrors with decorative style…How does that sound? You can see all that an more only at fci London, a shop with great sense of style that offers you unlimited solutions on how to use a mirror in order to create a contemporary decor at home, Office, in a club, restaurant, hotel lobby or other exclusive place.

We have selected the best brands, top competitors on the luxury furniture and accessories market, just to give the opportunity to choose quality products, made from modern and durable materials. We work only with the best Italian trademarks: Giorgio Collection, Cristopher Guy, Fiam Italia, Tonin Casa and many more. Their mirrors can be placed on the wall, can be used to reflect yourself or with decoratice style.

From our selection, amazing and luxurious pieces stand out. For example, we have the Adam and Eve set created by Reflection. These two pieces define two distinctive silhouettes, of a man and a woman. Each can be used alone or in pair, for a even more outstanding effect. You can use them for classical purpose or with decorative symbolism.

Those who love nature will be charmed by the new Aurelie Clear Wall Mirror, a remarkable piece with design inspired by the textures that occur in nature, found back on plants, animals and humans. The mirror represents one single cell and in combination with a number of mirrors you can create a mirrored cell structure on the wall.

Visit fci London, check our bedroom mirror offer and you will discover new ways of playing with colors and contrasts.