Best new rugs available now at fci London.

A rug can totally change your interior’s aspect. There is no doubt that there are many types of rugs available on the market and the generous offer makes it harder for you to decide. However, here, at fci London, we have selected the best and most modern rugs, the ones that perfectly fit every room and taste.

Our products are made with care and good taste, this is why they are very popular among people who want to have a luxurious house or Office. You can find them in all colors, sizes and shapes, made of refined or classical fabrics…All you have to do is check and see which one is best for you. One important aspect is that all of them are created by famous designers with the thought of creating modern accessories for modern interiors, so our selection of exclusive rugs has items that can be used in Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Bathrooms, hotel rooms, lobbies and more. They can be extra-soft, gentle, made of wool or other materials.

fci London always tries to offer the best balance between price and quality and products that combine all necessary characteristics: quality, durability, aspect, functionality and the possibility to adapt to every interior. The brands that created our rugs are famous for these items and more.

Many amazing rugs are released by Carve, a brand that releases futuristic items with great impact into a classical interior. Another exquisite product available at fci London is Altea Granito by Sit Rugs. It’s handwoven and it comes in natural colors, suitable for any contemporary interior.

If we were to choose, it would be impossible to say which rug is our favorite; we love them all! You will feel the same if you check our offer, because here you can find all you ever wanted and dreamed about, so do it now!