Contemporary accessories for modern houses on display at fci London

We know that is very hard to find the perfect accessory for your home or Office. You have to look up everywhere, to think if it fits your decorating style, how practical and versatile it is…so many questions and no time to wander in furniture and accessory shops! How to choose the perfect clock, coat hanger, umbrella stand, book shelf? Though decision!

We can help you! fci London has made a selection of the finest accessories that go in every modern house and contemporary interior. Of course, we have thought about practicability and how useful they can be and we offer you solutions for every room or space, indoor or outdoor. We aim to reach every need, so we have displayed all the accessories that you can think of. All you have to do is choose your favorite.

At fci London we present the best, durable and luxurious accessories suitable for every space. They come from famous brands and were created by well-known designers. We offer you towel supports, clocks, coat stands, umbrella stands, garden pots, photo frames and many more. They are made of modern materials with luxurious finishes, so they can be used in every contemporary interior or exterior décor. They are made of crystal, glass, mirror, lacquered wood, metal or polypropylene. Accessories can change the whole appearance of an environment,this is why they are every important. Also, they bring color and define style.

In our offer you can find brands like Magis, an Italian exquisite line of accessories that includes rugs, pots, vases, clocks, coat and umbrella stands and more. Also, you can see items from Cravt Original collections, made with the craftsmanship delicacy and refined taste.

For us, it’s a pleasure to present them and we are sure that for you it will be an even bigger pleasure to use them, so choose one of our luxurious accessories!