fci London has a new range of dining accessories for all tastes.

Dinner is an important part of the day. It’s the moment when you get together with your family and share your thoughts or it can be a time of fun and joy with your friends. Either way, we are sure that you want the best accessories for dinner, modern items that can help you enjoy these moments.

At fci London we have considered all your needs and we want to give you the opportunity to choose your favorite dinner accessories from a wide range of modern products, suitable for any dining room or occasion. Our offer is made of exquisite products created by famous designers from well-known brands. We have the whole range of vessels: plates, bowls, cups, glasses, but also other necessary and decorative items: vases, jugs, candle holders, trays and many more. They are made of luxurious and delicate materials like crystal, glass, porcelain, even mirror layers for trays covered with leather and follow modern designs, so you will be very satisfied of their effect on the dinner table.

Of course, we cannot forget that all these contemporary accessories need to be used on exquisite and luxurious dining tables, suitable for contemporary interiors. fci London wants to reach every need and presents products for which the main characteristic is quality. We have chosen to work with famous brands that create the best furniture pieces and accessories, so we will always highlight only the best products.

Among the brands that we work with, we can name Cravt Original, a famous designer from the Netherlands who releases accessories that will make a difference in every dining room. The products are modern, hand-finished by skilled craftsmen, but practicability is their main purposes, so it will be in your best interest to choose their creations.

We hope that you will like our new range of luxurious dining accessories!